I love to plan!
I love to plan!

2020 hasn’t turned out the way we planned..... and I love to plan! ⁣⁣But one of my favourite quotes is “life is 20% of what happens to you and 80% of how you respond to it” ⁣⁣So with that in mind, I have been spending July reviewing, reassessing and planning .... yes...

It is good to be back :)
It is good to be back 🙂

I hadn’t realised how much I have missed having this space to work from. 🤷‍♀️⁣⁣I’m glad hubby has been able to use it during lockdown when he was working and I was recovering. ⁣⁣But now schools out for summer and I can claim my space guilt free 🙌⁣⁣I’ll be honest and...

FREE TEMPLATE: Not Shortlisted For Interview
FREE TEMPLATE: Not Shortlisted For Interview

What is it?⁣ This video explains how to use our free HR template that can be used either as an email or a letter to explain to a candidate that their application has not been shortlisted to progress to the next stage of the recruitment campaign. ⁣ ⁣ Why should you use...

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