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Top Tips For Writing Probation Policies

Today’s topic - probation policies and why they are my most favourite of all the HR policies I use for my clients. I’ll also share my top tips for writing an effective probation policy. Let's start at the beginning…. So what is a probation policy? A probation...

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What To Put In A Job Description?

One of the biggest sticking points for people managing a recruitment campaign is the paperwork and creating the job description.   What is a job description?   How much detail is enough?  How do I know what to include and what to leave out?   How can I get people to...

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Flexible Working

I am a flexible worker.  Did you know that about me? Since setting up my business I have been focusing on creating a business and home life that works for me. The all elusive work-life balance! I am delighted to say I have found it.  Or rather I am using flexible...

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Employees know their statutory rights. Do you?

In a previous blog we started at the beginning when I asked you if you knew whether you had workers, employees or both?  I covered the basics and explained why you needed to know… if you haven’t read it yet then you can check it out here.   I was talking with a client...

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Common HR Questions From Business Owners

Hi Guys, Many people ask me – so what do you do for your clients?  I could be here answering that all day.  But I thought perhaps the best thing would be to make a simple list of the types of queries I hear from new clients on a regular basis.  The common HR questions...

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Meet Johanna – Your HR Helper

Hi Guys I know many of you have been with me for years.  But there are lots of new visitors to the site so I thought as this is a new start (#projectrebrand) it would be useful if I reintroduced myself to you all. So who am I? I am a HR professional with 20 years...

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Welcome To My New Website

Hi Guys How is everyone?  It has been a while since I posted a new blog.  Today is the day! It has taken longer than planned but I am proud as punch to unveil both my new branding and my sparkly new website to match 🙂  It is not perfect and one thing anyone who works...

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Do You Have Workers Or Employees?

Hi Guys So how is September treating you?  For me, September is like a new year. You see I live in a term-time home, three little Scullions are in primary school and hubby works in education so our house is ruled by the academic calendar!  Which has good points and...

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Why I Am Not Supplying GDPR Privacy Policies

Well GDPR has been everywhere hasn’t it? Please know I am not here to jump on the band wagon – like everyone else I have been looking into GDPR and firstly, finding out what it means for my business and secondly I have been looking into the implications of GDPR from a...

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