Unique that is the word I have chosen to describe these times we are living in⁣

I don’t like the negative conotations of the word lockdown, so I have reframed it 🌟 ⁣

As well as finding the positive in difficult times I have been using the quietness of this unique time to reflect. ⁣

Many of you know that due to surgery I have been off work since 2 March. I have shared how hard I have found this & how guilty it has made me feel. ⁣

But that doesn’t stop me from wanting to help.⁣

My normal method of helping clients is temporarily unavailable as I continue to look after my health, but I can still look at what else I can do.

🌟Unique problems call for unique solutions🌟⁣

My solution is:⁣

* to put 1-2 hours a day into rebranding old video content I recorded but didn’t release⁣

*reignite my passion for building and launching my HR Membership for small business⁣

*see my dream start to take shape⁣

*realise I have much of the work done already, it just needs tweaking⁣

I am so grateful for this unique quiet time.

This quiet time is what I needed to see the value in what I already have.

This quiet time has given me a new focus and desire to help as many small business owners out there as I can.

This unique quiet time has given me the excitement of creating a future business I have only dreamt of until now.

I am also so grateful for my own health needs and recovery time. Had I not been on enforced time off I would be chin deep in stress and fire fighting with Covid 19. I would not be excited for the future business, I would be just trying to survive.

Instead, this battle of being forced to sit back and not be able to help – I genuinely believe – has given me the best opportunity to create something truly valuable for clients and be able to focus on the success of the future & help others to thrive once the world opens it’s door again.

I will share more of my plans later…⁣

Please take some quiet time to yourself over the weekend and find your own reasons to be grateful for these unique times. 

I do believe you too will find your own unique solution if you give yourself some time to look. 

Happy Easter 🐣 ⁣

Until next time


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