🌟 It is not about losing jobs, it is about SAVING jobs 🌟
I want every small business owner out there to understand this.
The very word “redundancy” sends shivers down spines and conjure up images of big companies sacrificing little employees to save money.
But here is the reality.
Sometimes redundancies are necessary.
Redundancies are the last option for a business owner.
BUT they are an option.
  • A legal option.
  • A strategic option.
Do some “bad” employers unscrupulously use improper redundancy processes for their own ends? 
Possibly, I don’t know because personally I have never witnessed that.
What I have witnessed over the past 20 years, is grown men and women cry in-front of me as we discuss redundancies as a last ditch attempt to save their failing company.
My clients and the people I work with, have integrity, have feelings and genuinely want to do the best by people. 
The harsh truth is that by making some posts redundant, can and often does, ensure a company can survive and in doing so it SAVES as many jobs as it can. 
If you are a business owner out there, feeling like 2020 has sucked the life out of you and your business and that you have failed because you are considering redundancies. I am here to tell you.
You have not. 
You have survived and traded through a global pandemic. 
You have led your business through something that was totally unimaginable 12 months ago. 
You are a leader. 
Leaders must make difficult decisions.
But you must decide.
To decide to cut a few jobs now via redundancy, is the right thing to do, if by doing so you can continue to trade for the long-term and save as many jobs as you can.
For those small business owners making these difficult and heart wrenching decisions, I salute you. 
I know that not everyone will agree with me 
But you and I know that you can sleep tonight knowing:
✅ you can afford to pay the redundancy payments due
✅ that next month you can afford pay-roll for the remaining staff too.
✅ that you can afford to pay your suppliers (other small businesses like you)
For those blaming you … would they rather you wait until:
❌ you can’t make pay roll?
❌ you can’t afford the redundancy payments?
❌ you can’t afford to pay suppliers putting other small businesses and local employers at risk

Because … waiting and ignoring the facts is bad business. This is bad leadership.

Instead I see you, brave business owner.

I know you are doing all you can to ensure you, your business and your employees can still turn up to work in 2021.

I see you saving jobs.

You will fight another day.

Johanna x

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