HR Made Easy.

That is my mission.

All too often I see small business owners tie themselves in knots with worry and fear all because they anticipate the worst.

From experience, from a HR perspective, when a business owner gets two things right – they make life easier for themselves.

The two things?


In other words

  • staff contracts
  • staff handbooks
  • staff policies and procedures.

No one wants to be the “rule person” but without rules or structure chaos ensues and relationships are damaged.

We all need boundaries.

Like a parent telling a child they must wear a helmut when riding their bike. The rule is clear and understood.

Staff contracts & HR policies put those boundaries in place.

#2 Honest Communication

This must go both ways.

Be honest with your staff, but also be ready and able to accept honest feedback from them too.

A lot of the time we don’t know all of the answers right now or we can’t see the future inside a glass ball. But ignoring the need for a discussion spells disaster in the work relationship.

If you know diffilculties are coming down the line… so do the easy things now in preparation for that.

My motto is always “start the conversation”.

Right now business owners and staff are facing uncertainty like never before.

Whatever your situation in 2021, whether you things are going well or unfortunately things are not going so well.

As a business owner, you must understand your obligations, put the foundations in place and start the conversation.

If you need help understanding how to start the conversation, get in touch by dropping me a dm.

Let me know you manage the easy.

Johanna x


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