This in one of my all time favourite quotes. ⁣

I am a huge believer in life long learning and the longer I have been learning, I realise that I have so much more to learn!⁣

I advocate that the best way to enhance someone’s learning is to bring them on the journey with you. I weave this approach through all of my HR services and see it as my duty to involve my client in all of my decision making rationale. ⁣

Involved learning is a skill I learnt back in my time as Staff Development Manager with Grant Thornton in the early 2000s (yes I know that ages me!). I am so grateful to have been given that skill in the early stages of my career because it has served me well since then. ⁣

Working with a client my number one aim is to upskill both them and their management team.

This means my remit is simple … over time I educate and empower my clients to become so competent at doing HR that eventually I have done myself out of a job.

Sounds counter intuative but it is not.

Nothing gives me more pride than seeing a client or a client manager, spreading their wings and taking ownership of their own HR decisions and effectively managing their staff. ⁣

When that happens, I’m still there in the background like a proud parent cheering their sucess but at the end of the telephone for a reassusing conversation or a second opinion. ⁣

Involve your people, don’t keep knowledge to yourself.

Empower your people to grow wings and fly. ⁣

HR Made Easy was born to do just that.

My mission for 2022 is to support 100 business owners to implement employee contracts in their business. Putting strong foundations in place so they can deal with the HR challenges they face running their business.

If you want to be one of my 100, then reach out and book a discovery call here.  Or contact me here. 

I’d love to help.

Johanna xo

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