Maybe you have been around for a while, or maybe you are new to the world of HR Made Easy and you are wondering “what can HR Made Easy do for you?

So with a new year this is the perfect time to remind you of how I can help you and your small business thrive.

If you haven’t heard I am on a mission to help small businesses in Northern Ireland put solid employment foundations in place, by implementing professional employee.  How I do this:

HRME | Contract Packages

This is where HR Made Easy | Contract Packages comes in.  Using my 22+ years of experience of both HR and small business I know exactly what you need to put the right HR foundations in place, upskill your own HR knowledgebuild your confidence and ultimately let you take back control of your business.

I created my suite of Contract Packages for the small business owner who knows they really need to put contracts on place for their staff.  With four packages available, there is a contract solution for all budgets.

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HR Made Easy Membership

I created HR Made Easy | The Membership for smart business owners who know there is so much more they could be doing with the HR side of your business.  People like you who want to understand more about managing performance, about dealing with staff conflict with confidence and the peace of mind that the letters, emails and documents you need to use have been drafted by a chartered professional with 20 years experience.

Inside the HRME Membership you have access to a dedicated HR Template Library with covering all topics of HR; a new HR Masterclass training released each month, delivered in bitesize chunks for you to access when you need; PLUS a live monthly HR Mentoring group Q&A call where you can ask questions about your business from a real life HR professional.

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HR Mentoring

If you struggling being the “boss” and are fed up feeling uncertain and incapable of doing what needs to be done to manage your staff? This is where HR Made Easy Mentoring comes in.  Whatever it is you are unsure about – from the basic entitlements of employees through to more complex issues like managing a disciplinary let me by your mentor and guide. You can chose to work with me for 1 hour or 3 hours.

HR Power Hour
You get to pick my HR Brain to help you understand a HR problem you have and what your options are. Perfect for a one-off query, something that you want a second opinion on.

HR Intensive (3hrs)
Over a 3 hour HR Mentoring Intensive session working together we will build your confidence and let you take back control of your business. Perfect for a complicated issue like disciplinary or a strategic session to overview your HR processes and plans.

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HR Training

Depending on the needs of your business I can help Make HR Easy by creating a bespoke training session for your supervisors and managers who have staff responsibilities. The training will be tailored to your business and the types of issues you need your managers to deal with. I can make it as complicated or simple as you need.

If providing professional HR training for your management team is on your list of things to do in 2022, see this as a sign to make their needs a priority and you will see the benefit of enhanced skills and understanding of dealing with staff issues.

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If any of the above has ignited your interest, feel free to get in contact today and let’s make HR Easy together.

Chat soon

Johanna xo


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