It is the first Sunday night in 2021 and I’m here to make myself a very important promise…
Let’s face it after 2020 we all know how quickly plans can change!
I was sitting down infront of the fire to do my annual planning…. but I quickly realised …. that .. quite simply …. would have been madness!!
It would also have put me under more pressure, that quite honestly I don’t need right now.
So instead of doing a detailed month by month plan for the year…
I have taken a more strategic approach.
Big dreams, big goals, no pressure.
But most importantly I am keeping it simple.
Do you know what?
A couple of hours later as I sip my water (ya know … #dryjanuary2021 ) I am feeling much more cotent and dare I say it…
much more positive
and even .. she says in a whisper .. more confident that this year I will be okay.
So to all my fellow business owners.
Don’t try to overthink it.
Just plan this week.
Wait for Thursday’s Stormont Update and then figure out what to do about next week.
For now .. keep it simple.
Keep your sanity.
Johanna xo
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