Always check references when recruiting

Why you should never overlook the importance of checking references for recruitment candidates .⁣

When I recruit, after the interviews and we have found our preferred candidate, I always follow the same process: ⁣

✅ make a CONDITIONAL job offer⁣

✅ conditional on ⁣
#1 proof of right to work in the UK⁣
#2 receipt of two employment references that are satisfactory to the new employer ⁣
#3 validation of any qualifications ⁣
#4 any other checks unique or vital to the post (e.g police checks etc) ⁣

✅ only CONFIRM the offer when all of the above pre-employment checks are completed ✅ ⁣

People always overlook reference checking. ⁣

The same people tell me this is because many businesses will only provide a factual reference these days (which is what I also advise my clients to do). ⁣

BUT there is so much valuable information in a factual reference 🌟 ⁣

🌟 it confirms job titles – so if a candiate claims to be a “manager” the reference will either confirm that or open up their untruth⁣

🌟 it confirms dates of employment – over the years I have seen many people try to hide “bad jobs” or gaps in their employment by tweaking dates … ⁣

🌟 it confirms salary – so if a candidate is negotiating on an increase to their current salary .. our conversation gets interesting if I tell them they are not on £35,000 as they claim but rather £30,000 🤨⁣

So my message is simple, if you are recruiting ⁣

❗️Always Check References ❗️⁣

Would love to hear your thoughts 💭 have any candidates tried to blag their way into your business?

Johanna x

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