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Welcome to HR Made Easy Online

Firstly thank you for entrusting your business to me, I am delighted to have you on board. 

Secondly welcome to the online world of the of HR Made Easy with Johanna Scullion.  I created HR Made Easy to educate, support and empower small business owners like you to have the confidence you need to tackle HR in your business.  I am so pleased that you have decided to purchase one of my online services and hope that my products make HR easy in your business.

This is your onboarding homepage, where your welcome and introduction information is stored.  It gives you more details about how HR Made Easy online works and explains what you can expect from your digital bundle.

Bookmark this page and make sure you complete all of your onboarding tasks.  Don’t worry there are not that many, but they are important to me so I can ensure our systems are up to date and we start on the right foot.

♦◊♦ ONBOARDING TASK #1 Watch the welcome video above to get started.

Opening Hours & Contact Methods

Office hours are:

Monday – Friday from 9am to 3pm

As an online business you can access your digital content 24 hours a day.  Whilst I hope the online service is smooth, I also know that tech gremlins can creep in and there will be times you need customer support. We are a small team and do our very best to respond to customer queries as quickly as possible.  I recommend all queries are sent via email so we can track it.

Due to the nature of the work that I do, I turn my mobile to airplane mode when I am in a session with a client.  This ensures the client in front of me gets my full attention.  I trust that you appreciate this is important to how I do my work and understand that it is fair to everyone.  This explains why you often get voicemail if you call me on the mobile.

Contact Details

Johanna Scullion:
(m) 075 4007 6772

Accounts Team

Customer Support & General Enquiries:

 Membership Enquiries

♦◊♦ ONBOARDING TASK #2 Add these email addresses to your safe sender lists to ensure our emails don’t get lost in your junk folder.

To Help Us To Help You When You Get In Contact Please Be Aware Of the Following:

For customer support issues, preferred method of contact is (e)

If you need to contact me personally, preferred method of contact is (e) or phone (m) 075 4007 6772

If we are unable to answer your first call please leave a voicemail and we will be able to get back to you.  If you don’t leave a voicemail we will assume that the call does not need a same day call-back.

If you are unable to contact Johanna – please contact Michelle on with URGENT in the subject line and your query will be prioritised.

For any queries on invoicing or TOGGL reports our accounts team can be contacted on (e)

We would ask you to use either phone or email as your primary contact method, this ensures not only that work is prioritised but it also adheres to our GDPR policy as the email system is protected.  If you do contact us via our social media (twitter / Facebook /LinkedIn / YouTube) we cannot guarantee a same day response as these channels are primarily for marketing purposes and are not continuously monitored.

How To Log In For The First Time:

User experience is a priority with all my digital services.  But I understand that each time you have a new “online” log-in detail and system it can be unfamiliar the first time you use it.  

To make the process as smooth as possible I have created a video below showing how you can log in for the first time.  This video uses a Contract Package as an example, but the process is the same for all digital courses inside the HR Made Easy hub.  

To log in to any online course from HR Made Easy go to

You need to enter your user name and the password you created at purchase.

If you want to see your password, click the “eye” symbol and it will show you what you are typing.

Once you click log-in you will be brought inside the Hub page.  You will have access to any product you have purchased.  If a course or product has a grey padlock on it that means you do not have access under your current subscription.

If you have any difficulty please contact the team on (e)

screen grab of HR made easy

How To Access Your Invoice(s):

All online purchases have an associated invoice generated inside the online platform.  The video below shows you how.

You can access invoices for each completed transaction from your “account” page.

Go to the Icon on the top right of the screen (either picture you have uploaded or it will be a grey head icon).

From there click on it to access “your account”.

From your account page, click on the “payments” tab and you can download your invoice in the final column called “download”.

Click on the “PDF” link and you will then be redirected to your PDF invoice that you can download.

You can also access your PayPal receipt from your own PayPal account.

If you have any difficulty please contact the team on (e)


Occasionally I send an e-newsletter with an insight into behind the scenes here at HR Made Easy.  Subscribers of the email list receive exclusive content and from time to time early notification of promotions for our online resources.

I use mailerlite as my email software.  Once you receive our newsletter please save the (mailerlite) address to your safe folder list to avoid missing any in future.

If you have not received a newsletter from us, please check your junk folder, or contact me via

As you are someone who has paid for a service from HR Made Easy, under GDPR rules you have been added to our email list under “legitimate business interest” and “client contract”.  By joining this list you will receive occasional emails of important information which you should be aware of.  You can unsubscribe at any time.  Please know that your email address is safe with me and I will never pass it to third parties for marketing.   

Upgrade to Online Mentoring

If you want to avail of 1-2-1 HR Mentoring please watch the video below and I explain the upgrade options available for you.

Click here to book HR Mentoring Power Hour

Click here to book HR Mentoring Intensive


♦◊♦ ONBOARDING TASK #3 – Bookmark this page for future reference. 

Terms and Conditions

 Please click here to view our Terms and Conditions.

One Almost Last - But - Important Thing!


 Please complete your Client Data Request.  This is a short form, that captures all of your information so I have the correct details on file from the outset.  It only takes a few minutes to complete and I ask you to do it as soon as you come on board.

One Last - Thing!


 If you don’t already follow me on social, all my links are below and I’d love to have you as a follower. 

Social Media Details

Instagram (my favourite place to hang out):

Facebook (I really just copy my Instagram posts 🙂

 YouTube (where I am trying to be better):

 LinkedIn (I am really not active here at all!)

HRME | The Membership is OPEN

So don’t wait any longer – head over to to read all about the membership and how it can help you in your business.

You are here because you have signed up as a new consultancy client with Johanna Scullion t/a HR Made Easy, please do not share this page link, as it is only for new clients who have engaged my services.  If you need anything else feel free to reach out

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