Every business owner who wants to scale and grow their business will have to recruit new staff.  I am always asked by clients what are my top tips for recruiting staff?

Maybe as you read this blog you are that small business owner who needs to recruit a new member for your team?  Maybe it is your first time? Your head is hurting as you think about it because you do not know where to start.Well worry no more, because you are in the right place and I am here to help you with my top tips for recruiting staff.I have spent years recruiting and selecting staff for organisations of all sizes.To do that I have been managing and overseeing recruitment activities including the drafting HR letters, documents, templates and forms for small business owners to use in their campaigns; and I have taken my specialist knowledge and created the Easy 7 Step Recruitment System just for you.With the impact of GDPR you want to make sure your recruitment records are accurate comply with the employment legislation.   To do that I believe in managing a recruitment campaign in seven stages.  Seven might seem like a lot, but by following my Easy 7 Stage Recruitment System  you can relax knowing that you have conducted your activities efficiently; followed good practice in terms of recruitment; and importantly communicated clearly and professionally with members of the public who are interested in your business.Depending on the size of your business and the resources available to you, it may be that some of the stages merge together and that is fine.  The important thing is to complete all seven stages and properly close down the file.I know from years of experience that clients who listen to my top tips for recruitment and go on to use my signature 7 stage system can recruit the right staff for their business.  If you follow my top tips you will:
  • avoid the “I didn’t hear back from them?” reputation
  • avoid the disgruntled employee who “got passed over”
  • have a clear audit trail for your recruitment activities
  • plan carefully and be able to follow your timeline
  • complete the entire campaign on deadline
  • maximise the opportunity to create a good impression on the external candidates who engage with your business for the first time
  • get a new employee who knows exactly what is expected of them and what they need to do
  • find the person you think is right for the job
So if this sounds like you then click here to sign up for my 7 Stage Recruitment System  and within seconds it will be in your inbox.The ebook walks you through the tasks you need to complete in each of the following 7 stages:Stage 1 || Planning Stage 2 | Application Stage 3 | Shortlisting Stage 4 | Interview Stage 5 | Communicate (offer and regret) Stage 6 | Feedback Stage 7 | Close FileIf you want to read more about recruitment then check out these blogs:Do you find interviews scary even when you are the interviewer? What to put in a job description I hope that has helped and if you have any queries please just get in touch.Until next timeJohanna xoServing small business owners who want HR made easy.Facebook    |  Instagram     |   Twitter Disclaimer (otherwise known as things the solicitors make me say) NB:  information correct at time of posting.  Content is not provided as legal advice and/or information.  The content is for your guidance in general situations only.  Professional and/or legal advice should be sought before use.Sign Up for regular newsletters here. 

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