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So this blog post is about how you see the people in your business, the most important part of understanding HR.  This is a post I feel compelled to write and a message I really hope resonates with you my lovely readers.

Let me tell you a story about one of my VIP clients.  They have been a client of mine for quite a few years now and a team I have grown to feel a part of – quite unique in the HR Consultancy model as we often flit in and out of client teams dependent on their needs.  Anyway I digress.  The client operates in a sector which is full of awards and award ceremonies.  Like most things not all awards are equal but to some an award is an award.  Not to this team.  Their most Senior Manager has had his eye on a prestigious industry award for years – how long you will have to ask him – but these awards are the industry Oscars to so speak.  The reason I am telling you this is because he entered his management team for the award and not himself.  He completed the application process without telling them, as he didn’t want them to be demotivated if they didn’t make it through the first round.  BUT they did, and they were invited to attend the presentation and interview.  I was involved in a tiny way, helping them prepare and structure their team presentation – but it really was all them.  They gave their presentation and did the interview.   Then after waiting a week they got the amazing news that they were shortlisted as finalists in the Management Team of The Year category.  In true Oscars fashion it was a case where the nomination is celebrated – almost – as much as the win.  So the team were understandably delighted and thrilled and were riding high on a wave of pride for two months.

So eventually the night for the big award ceremony arrived, tuxes on, blow-drys and make-up on point and the team headed off to the venue proud to be finalists.  The day before when talking to the Senior Manager who initiated the application to wish him and the team good luck I could see the desire in his face to win.  It was plain to see how much it meant to him.  I asked him why and well his answer – was to me just perfect.  He said as a business we have won scores (yes scores) of awards over the years but they have been for the venues, for the business, for the customer experience, for the quality of our service…… but the people, my team have never won something to recognise them as a team of individuals and the hard work they put in day in and day out to make this business the business it is.

WOW!!!!  That was it. 

This award mattered because it recognised the people, and take it from me the people in your business are the business.  They are the heart and soul of the business.  So it is with great pride and delight that I finish my story by saying my VIP client team won the award and I know it is well deserved.

So my point to this long story is this, the Senior Manager who started all of this is not the owner, he is the most Senior Manager to over 100 staff but he treats it as if it were his business.  I know the owner was just as delighted with and proud of his team and all they have achieved and the truth is culture starts with the leader/owner and in him they have the very best (in fact he was recognised with an award as a “Legend” for 30 years outstanding contribution to his industry earlier this year but that is another blog post).  With my 18 years in business, I know that good employees, loyal employees who really treat a business as it if were their own, those employees are VERY hard to find.

Now that my story is complete I have a challenge for you my lovely reader.  As a business owner, if you apply for awards look to your people, put in an application for them as well as the business.  If you don’t have awards to apply to then create your own.  Because once you open your eyes and really “see” the people in your business you will “see” the heart of your business and we all know the heart is the most important part 

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Until next time!

Johanna Scullion

Welcome to our world, we hope to see you often. 

Disclaimer (otherwise known as things the solicitors make me say)
NB:  information correct at time of posting.  Content is not provided as legal advice and/or information.  The content is for your guidance in general situations only.  Professional and/or legal advice should be sought before use. 

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