HR Made Easy | The Membership for ONLY £99pm 


The ONLY online membership for small business owners that removes the overwhelm by providing you with EASY to understand HR training, empowering coaching and professional resources that you need to make HR easy in your small business. 

Inside the HRME Membership you will have access to a dedicated HR template library with covering all topics of HR; a new MASTERCLASS HR Training released each month, delivered in bitesize chunks for you to access when you need; PLUS a monthly mentoring Q&A call where you can ask questions about your business from a real life HR professional.  

HR Templates, HR Training & HR Mentoring all in one place. 

HR Made (really) Easy.

Saving the BEST for last, the BONUS foundation module is the Employee contract template & mini training course for you to take, personalise and use in your business immediately. 

Hitting the ground running and removing your stress in the FIRST month. 

HR Made (really, really) Easy. 

All of this at your fingertips in a secure online platform, created by Johanna Scullion, founder of HR Made Easy, Chartered Member of the CIPD who has worked with small business owners for over 22 years.  

HI! I AM JOhanna Scullion AND


I am a Chartered MCIPD HR Mentor & Business Coach with over 20 years’ experience of coaching, mentoring and leading businesses of all sizes and in all sectors manage their people.  I am also a trained development coach, an assessor, a trainer and certified in psychometric testing.

My entire career has been in HR and staff development coaching. I have been a HR Manager; Staff Development Manager; Big 4 Human Capital Management Consultant; and an associate lecturer in HR and Organisational Behaviour with the University of Ulster for 10 years.

I left the corporate world in 2012 to embrace my dream of being an entrepreneur and opened my own boutique HR consultancy based in Magherafelt, Northern Ireland.  I fell in love with owner managed small businesses very early in my career. I love the passion and drive you have for your business and the work that you do.

Working, training and mentoring small business owners,  I really know what a huge source of stress, anxiety and utter fear the HR aspects of running a businesses is for so many!

Now I have made it my mission to make HR easy for small business owners everywhere.  So HRME | The Membership was born. 

My goal was very simple: to create an easy, intuitive,  stress-free, professional, HR membership that comes with fully customizable templates, Monthly Masterclasses, and monthly Coaching Calls.  I have done all the hard work so you don’t have to.

HRME | The Membership is exactly that (and more!), and if any of what I just described resonates with you – then I made it for you.


Things you WON'T have to do if you join HRME | The Membership:


Worry about an employee asking for their contract  – that you don’t have!


Waste time & money attempting to figure out how to do it all yourself


Learn how to draft employment contracts, handbooks, policies, letters and everything else you need for HR


Pull your hair out trying to find the answers and worrying if you are doing things right or making it worse


Contemplate hiding in the storeroom trying to avoid employees who clearly know more about thier HR rights than you do


Scream at your monitor out of frustration


Understand  years and years of employment legisilation of codes of practice


Design the structure/layout of your formal HR communications including disciplinary warnings or dismissal letters


Things you WILL have to do if you join HRME | The Membership


Follow the easy HR training on all areas of HR – as and when you need it.  Being able to pick and choose topics that are of interest to you when you need them.


Enter in your own text, images and content into all the pre-designed HR templates that are sitting waiting for you inside the HR Template Library (recruitment letters, holiday requests, suspension letters, maternity planning etc)


Get the answer to your questions from me in the monthly coaching calls!


Feel more confident in your ability to manage HR in your business.


Sleep better at night knowing you finally tackled your HR to do list.


Bask in your own glory!

4 Month Membership Experience

£99 per month


Join for 4 months then move to the rolling monthly

membership and cancel when you like 

 Lock in our introductory rate now, even if prices rise in future

Foundation Module: Master Employment Contract Template & Mini Course 

Monthly Masterclass HR Training

HRME | The Template Library with over 100 documents & growing

Monthly HR Mentoring calls with Johanna


    Join now and get early bird rate locked in

    Annual Membership Experience

     £990 single payment


    Sign up for a full year

    Get 2 months FREE with a SAVING of £198! 

     Lock in our introductory rate now, even if prices rise in future

    Foundation Module: Master Employment Contract Template & Mini Course 

    Monthly Masterclass HR Training

    HRME | The Template Library with over 100 documents & growing

    Monthly HR Mentoring calls with Johanna


      Join now and get early bird rate locked in


      HRME | The Membership ?


      HRME | The Membership ?

      HR Masterclasses

      Each month a new HR Masterclass training bundle is released.  Recorded in bite size chunks I take you through key HR topics in an easy to understand way.  All associated templates are linked in the masterclasses. 

      Step-by-Step Video Tutorials

      Designed for even the most non-HR person.  Each Masterclass will walk you through everything you need to know to create your own HR documents and manage your employees.

      HR Training for Non HR Managers

      Each month the HR Masterclass will cover a new topic in HR.  Induction – Probation – Holidays – Disciplinary – Grievance – Performance Management – Absence Management.  You might not need it now but it will be there for you when you do.

      HR Template Library

      The template library is your easy access to all the HR templates inside the Membership.  If you want a letter template without having to watch the training this is your quick access to all the resources.  

      1st Foundational Bundle - Employee Contract

      In your foundation module you get a mini course, explaining eveything that is included in your Employee Contract template.  Taking you each step so you can customise your own contract for your business.  This alone is worth £300.

      Ready to Use HR Templates

      The HR Template Library contains over 100 letters, forms and documents.  All you need to do is download it and personalise for use in your business.  New templates will be uploaded each month. Can’t find a template, ask and I will create one for the membership.

      HR Mentoring

      Each month I will host a group HR mentoring call within the membership on that month’s masterclass topic.  You can ask my your specific question and get answers for your business. 

      2nd Foundational Bundle - Employee Handbook

      In July’s Foundational Bundle – training on everything you need to know about introducing an Employee Handbook in your business.  You will also get access to my own Employee Handbook template for you to customise. 

      Checklists & Guides

      The Membership contains checklists and “how to” guides to help you understand the HR topic you are dealing with and implement the procedures in your business. 

      + BONUS Two Foundation Modules containing Employee Contract, Handbook & HR Policy templates  + mini course – worth £499


      Master Employee Contract, Handbook & HR Policies

      Template + Mini Course worth £499!

      This all sounds great But…

      Who is HRME | The Membership for?

      The membership is for all small business owners who do not have in-house HR support.  You could be a start-up with your first employee, or an established business with  50+ employees.


      HR professionals might also find my products useful, as I have created the master templates saving you drafting time.


      I am based in Northern Ireland, so at present my documents have been drafted in accordance with the Northern Ireland jurisdiction and are suitable for businesses operating in Northern Ireland.

      Why should I join the HRME | The Membership?

      If you own a business and have employees, then the HRME |The Membership will help you put  HR foundations in place and; the longer you stay a member the more value you will receive as new content is added monthly!

      HRME |The Membership was designed with all small business owners in mind, but is not limited to a specific industry or even to product or service based businesses.  Hairstylist, accountant, dentist, construction, business coach, yoga instructor, author, wedding planner, crafter, marketing, copywriting, mortgage adviser, jewellery maker, fitness coach, chiropractor whatever your business… – HRME | The Membership is for you!

      Is HRME | The Membership really as good as it sounds?

      YES! And if you want to know more and understand why, review the questions and answers below! Also, checkout some of the testimonials on the home page where you can see what other small business owners just like you have to say about working with Johanna!

      Is it REALLY only £99pm - are there any hidden costs?

      Normal price REALLY is only £99 per month (including VAT) and there are no hidden costs!

      What is more, I operate the “grandfathered rate” approach to membership fees.  Which means that you will only ever pay the monthly price you joined at – even if I raise the prices in future.   No matter what fees new members pay, as long as you remain a member in good standing (no missed or delayed payments) you will not pay any more than when you joined.

      What happens after I pay?

      Once your first payment is processed you will be redirected to the “new members” page where you will be given instructions on how to access The Membership.

      You will also recieve and email which will contain guidance on your new membership.  This is an important email so make sure you look out for it and save it for future reference.

      How quickly will I be able to start once I pay?

      Shortly after you make payment for your HRME | The Membership, we will send you an email with instructions on how to access The Membership. You get immediate access to the Employee Contract mini course.  Then to minimise overwhlem new HR Masterclass training & content is released monthly so you have time to work your way through each bundle.

      What if I need help using the documents?

      I have created video training and drafting notes for the HR templates I have provide inside the membership.

      If you have technical problems you can reach out for help via our dedicated members only email.

      With each new monthly HR masterclass I will be hosting a coaching call on that topic and its related template documents.  You can attend the call live or submit your question in advance for me to answer.   All coaching calls will be stored in the Membership for future reference.

      How do I use the templates?

      You access all our HR templates via your private log-in details. Each document has a unique URL that will take you google drive.  From here you make a copy of our original template and then you save it as your own version.  All of our templates are whitelabelled meaning you can add your own brand colours, fonts and logos as you wish.  Google drive gives you the most choice as you can save as a google doc, a MS word document or a PDF.

      Will you review our documents once we have personalised them?

      Unfortunately no.  One to one drafting service is not available on in the membership.

      HRME | The Membership is designed to empower you, the business owner, and expand your resources.

      During our monthly HR mentoring and coaching call you will be able to get input from me and ask any specific questions you have to put you in a great position to fill the templates out yourself.

      However if you want bespoke documents drafted specifically for your business, then you may want to consider my VIP Bespoke drafting package which is available HERE


      By purchasing one of your documents does this mean you are my HR Consultant?

      No, HRME | The Membership is an online service designed for small business owners who want online on demand HR training, professionally drafted HR documents and templates available for instant download.  We provide our products as HR information not as legal, HR or employment advice. Documents, templates, information and guidance are not provided as, nor do they constitute legal advice.  The Membership is not HR Consultancy practice providing employment advice.

      As per our Terms HRME | The Memberhsip is not registered with the Solicitors Regulatory Authority.


      I live outside Northern Ireland, can I still be a member?

      I am based in Northern Ireland, so at present my documents have been drafted in accordance with the Northern Ireland jurisdiction and are suitable for businesses operating in Northern Ireland.  However I am working on expanding my portfolio to cover other jurisdictions, so please keep on my mailing list to hear of the next jurisdictional roll out.  In addition to legislative compliance, our products are rooted on best practice and therefore are a good starting point for a business owner in the United Kingdom.

      What is your refund policy?

      Once you make the purchase to join the Membership you will enter into a contract with Johanna Scullion t/a HR Made Easy.  If you make a purchase then you will then be given direct access to training materials and download templates so there are no refunds.  If you have any questions about your purchase we will be happy to assist.

      How do I cancel?

      Monthly Membership

      For monthly members all I ask is that you sign up for a minimum of 4 months.  That way I know you have time to implement the foundation modules and become HR compliant.

      If after that time you feel you are not getting the value from the Membership you can cancel giving 28 days written notice via our easy cancellation process.

      Annual Membership

      As per our Refund Policy there is no refund.

      You will have access to the Membership for 12 months from your payment date.  We will contact you before the expiry of your annual membership and ask if you wish to renew for another term.  If you want to renew you will be sent a new membership payment request.  If you do not want to renew, your access will cease on the expiry of your annual membership. 

      HR completely scares me, will this be too much for me?

      No, I have created the training and template library specifically for small business owners  like you.  The training masterclasses are broken into bite size chunks of 5 – 15 minutes long.  There is no complicated legal jargon.  My mission is to remove the overhwlem by educating and empowering with my tools so you have the confidence to tackle your HR head on.

      Will it be difficult? Maybe, at times, but just stay calm, follow the instructions and carry on, you can do it! If you encounter any issues, just contact us and we will be happy to help you figure it out.

      This sounds amazing how do I sign up?

      It couldn’t be simpler.  Just pick the membership option you want below and click on the link to go to checkout:


      What clients have to say…. 

      “Outsourcing our HR has never been easier with Johanna! The level of professionalism and confidentiality, alongside her expertise, gives us peace of mind in the running of our business. I would highly recommend Johanna to any business requiring HR services.”

      Patrick Cassidy

      MD , C3 Computers


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