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We are half way through June, can you believe it??  I know I can’t!  My youngest child announced in the car yesterday “we have our school trip, not this Monday but the Monday after.  Do you know why it is not the Monday after that Mummy? ….. Because we only have 2 Mondays left in school!”  So as our house is turning its attention to summer holidays and how Mummy will occupy the three little Scullions, I think it is the perfect time for blog about holiday policy.

As most employees know paid holidays are one of the great perks of work and thanks to the Working Time Regulations in NI (and the UK) all workers are entitled to 28 paid days holiday per annum (pro-rata for part-time workers).  What a lot of business owners do not realise is that, whilst the legislation determines how many paid holiday days you give to your staff you, the business owner decide the Holiday Policy around how those paid days are booked and taken.  Here are my main tips for managing holidays in your business.

When looking at your Holiday Policy and Procedure be clear about what is contractual and what is non contractual:


  • The number of paid holiday days plus details on bank / public holidays should be in your contract (Statement of Main Terms and Conditions of Employment)
  • Arrangements for any annual close-downs e.g. Christmas or other fixed dates
  • Arrangements for holiday leave for part-time workers.


  • Be clear in your Holiday Policy how and when to book holidays (e.g. is there a form? Is there a deadline? Who authorises holidays?)
  • Use your Holiday Policy to inform about restrictions on booking holidays (e.g. one person per department on holiday at one time or periods of time when no holidays are permitted maybe Christmas for hospitality etc)
  • Make sure to include a section in your Holiday Policy whether “carry over” is permitted or not
  • Be careful to ensure your Holiday Policy covers what happens if someone falls sick whilst on holiday

After all my years in work, I know the important value of a break away from the office and the rest you can get during holiday leave.  What I want for you is to make sure that through your Holiday Policy you have arrangements in place to make it as seamless as possible, with clear rules around booking and using holidays and importantly that everyone knows where they stand.  The last thing you want is an employee being disgruntled on holiday leave over some simple administration point that was over-looked in your Holiday Policy.  Or you, the business owner, not getting any time off because you didn’t plan and manage staff holidays in advance and you end up covering for everyone else whilst they sit in the sun and you get paler by the day 

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I have faith in you to draft your own rules, but if you are interested you can contact us for more support with the following documents :

  • Statement of Main Terms and Conditions
  • Holiday Policy

Well that is it from me today, I would love to hear from you.  How do you plan holidays in your business- or even tell me what wonderful things you have planned for your next holiday?  Pop on over to our Facebook page and leave a comment, tweet me or fill in our contact form here on the site. 

Removing the fear from the confusing world of HR, one document at a time.

Until next time

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Johanna Scullion

HR Made Easy

Disclaimer (otherwise known as things the solicitors make me say)
NB:  information correct at time of posting.  Content is not provided as legal advice and/or information.  The content is for your guidance in general situations only.  Professional and/or legal advice should be sought before use. 


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